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1) what % are you?: just enter your household income to find out where you fall.

2) 10 great stand-alone episodes that totally represent their respective shows: zomg i completely agree with the eps chosen for fringe and doctor who! two brilliant eps from two brilliant shows.

3) dark knight rises could occupy wall street: the movie’s slated to shoot some scenes in that area soon, and since nolan’s particular about such things, it’s expected protesters may become unpaid extras in the new batman movie! i wonder how they’ll factor into the plot though..

4) insane secrets about ridley scott’s alien: h.r. giger almost didn’t get hired! :O zomg i can’t even imagine alien without his amazing sets!

5) the thing prequel would be better with a sinatra-esque soundtrack: ahah this jazzed up horrorfst is entertaining!

6) court bans man from wearing batman costume: awh shucks. this masked avenger just wants to help his community!

7) james franco in gucci’s new mind-bogglingly extensive made-to-measure service: first off, unf franco! me gusta. secondly, what i wouldn’t do to have custom-tailored clothing and accessories *wistful sigh*

8) kristen stewart covers gq: i love the classic look of these photos and kstew looks rather beautiful in them.

9) painful high heels are like orgasms for your feet: so yea, this article doesn’t put much stock in christian louboutin’s thoughts on the matter, but honestly? i fucking love the way my legs look in heels. they make me feel confidence and i’m sure there’s some correlation between that and ensuing amorous activities :D

10) would you use a healthy database to create your grocery list?: yes, i would. apparently there’s a massive database in the making that will rate over 10,000 foods based on nutrition content and safety. cool beans.

11) animal farm owner allegedly killed self after freeing animals: as much as i dream of owning an ocelot or some other crazy wild creature, this man really shouldn’t have been allowed to keep these animals on his farm.

12) why wild animals do not make good pets: related to previous link. this news made me so sad. all those poor exotic animals :(

13) woman attacked by giant kangaroo: eep! i’d be scared if faced with a huge marsupial!

1) what % are you?: take this quiz and find out if you’re part of the uber-rich 1% or the downtrodden 99%.

2) rich douchebag protests ‘occupy’ movement: by drinking a $260 bottle of cristal in under a minute. let’s hope he gets afflicted with liver poisoning soon.

3) easiest colleges to get into: never fear! here are the colleges with the highest acceptance rates.

4) how the ‘heartbeat bill’ will change the abortion debate: fuck this shit. if i want to abort a fetus, that is my right and my choice. i shouldn’t have to listen to a heartbeat just because the state thinks it’ll help me provide “informed consent”.

5) read some of hunter s. thompson’s letters: playboy recently published all its correspondence with the late journalist, and as expected, the letters are wacky, hilarious, and brilliant. i’m especially tempted to try his hangover cure.

6) jamie bell’s tintin interview: i can’t wait for this movie! after all, it’s my fave comic :D and awh, bell is adorable. AND hilarious. double win.

7) nycc avengers footage and b-roll: all the panel footage has me more excited than any of the actual movies did. except for perhaps the iron man flicks, because i love me some tony stark ;)

8) what we want from live-action star trek and star wars movies: what i wouldn’t do for a decent tng reboot *sighs*

9) some hilarious old commercials: this is an article about mcdonalds testing their own in-restaurant channel [erm, might be cool, i guess?] but the old ads listed on the site are the best bit. thanks to @kerrikins for this one!

10) 'natural' deli meats may not be as healthy as you think: if you’ve been considering organic / preservative-free cold cuts, read this article first.

11) was missing tourist eaten by cannibals?: perhaps. but perhaps not.

12) there’s poop on your phone: 1 in 6 phones have fecal matter on them. jsyk.

13) apple iphone 4s tops 4 million in first weekend: mine just arrived today :D

14) review of apple iphone 4s camera: pretty good article by a professional photographer.

1) the walken dead, a zombie virus that makes you quote christopher walken: when the zombie apocalypse arrives, please let me be afflicted with this strain of the plague.

2) zachary quinto casually outs himself: oh, bb ♥ his blog post on the matter is quite moving as well.

3) take a vacation with dune posters: i’m sure fans will find these subtle yet eye-catching posters a nice addition to their homes. there’s a similar set of firefly posters that are just as delightful.

4) mccauley culkin licks robot chicken co-star seth green at new york comic con: i love how seth’s wife moves out of the way to let the guys do their thing ;)

5) could your starbucks frappuccino be endangered?: climate change could harm the world’s coffee supply. even chocolate could become a luxury item soon :/

6) watching a time lapse view of burning man is like watching a disease spread: this is a really cool video. i don’t know if burning man is for me, so for the time being, i’m happy to experience it like this.