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1) the walken dead, a zombie virus that makes you quote christopher walken: when the zombie apocalypse arrives, please let me be afflicted with this strain of the plague.

2) zachary quinto casually outs himself: oh, bb ♥ his blog post on the matter is quite moving as well.

3) take a vacation with dune posters: i’m sure fans will find these subtle yet eye-catching posters a nice addition to their homes. there’s a similar set of firefly posters that are just as delightful.

4) mccauley culkin licks robot chicken co-star seth green at new york comic con: i love how seth’s wife moves out of the way to let the guys do their thing ;)

5) could your starbucks frappuccino be endangered?: climate change could harm the world’s coffee supply. even chocolate could become a luxury item soon :/

6) watching a time lapse view of burning man is like watching a disease spread: this is a really cool video. i don’t know if burning man is for me, so for the time being, i’m happy to experience it like this.