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1) what % are you?: take this quiz and find out if you’re part of the uber-rich 1% or the downtrodden 99%.

2) rich douchebag protests ‘occupy’ movement: by drinking a $260 bottle of cristal in under a minute. let’s hope he gets afflicted with liver poisoning soon.

3) easiest colleges to get into: never fear! here are the colleges with the highest acceptance rates.

4) how the ‘heartbeat bill’ will change the abortion debate: fuck this shit. if i want to abort a fetus, that is my right and my choice. i shouldn’t have to listen to a heartbeat just because the state thinks it’ll help me provide “informed consent”.

5) read some of hunter s. thompson’s letters: playboy recently published all its correspondence with the late journalist, and as expected, the letters are wacky, hilarious, and brilliant. i’m especially tempted to try his hangover cure.

6) jamie bell’s tintin interview: i can’t wait for this movie! after all, it’s my fave comic :D and awh, bell is adorable. AND hilarious. double win.

7) nycc avengers footage and b-roll: all the panel footage has me more excited than any of the actual movies did. except for perhaps the iron man flicks, because i love me some tony stark ;)

8) what we want from live-action star trek and star wars movies: what i wouldn’t do for a decent tng reboot *sighs*

9) some hilarious old commercials: this is an article about mcdonalds testing their own in-restaurant channel [erm, might be cool, i guess?] but the old ads listed on the site are the best bit. thanks to @kerrikins for this one!

10) 'natural' deli meats may not be as healthy as you think: if you’ve been considering organic / preservative-free cold cuts, read this article first.

11) was missing tourist eaten by cannibals?: perhaps. but perhaps not.

12) there’s poop on your phone: 1 in 6 phones have fecal matter on them. jsyk.

13) apple iphone 4s tops 4 million in first weekend: mine just arrived today :D

14) review of apple iphone 4s camera: pretty good article by a professional photographer.